Physical Health and Wellness

Adrenal Fatigue

Don’t Let Constant, Grating Stress Turn into Full-Blown Adrenal Fatigue

Feeling stressed? (The sound you just heard is the hysterical sobbing from everyone who lived through 2020.) That might be…

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Fight-Style Workouts

Fight-Style Workouts Are the Most Effective Way to Train Hard

If the pandemic’s got you feeling a little soft around the edges, you’re not alone—quarantine hasn’t been conducive to staying…

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Anti-Gravity Yoga

What is Anti-Gravity Yoga and Why is it Gaining in Popularity?

Strength, flexibility, inner peace… and hanging from the ceiling? If you try anti-gravity yoga, you could experience all of these…

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8 Adaptogens for Kicking Persistent Wellness Issues

With the rise in vegetarian diets and the shift to natural nutrition, science is uncovering more and more about how…

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“Long COVID” Diagnoses Have Doctors Concerned About Future Health

2020 will forever be the year marked by the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a year that saw more than 100 million…

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8 Signs of Illness You Might be Ignoring From Your Body

It’s amazing how in-tune with our bodies we can be. It’s also amazing how out-of-touch with them so many of…

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7 Neglected Wellness Practices with Big-Time Body Benefits

Diet and exercise are the best place to start when it comes to health and wellness. Getting into a daily…

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Adaptogens are Becoming More Important for Wellness. Here’s Why.

It seems like every year there’s a new diet fad or a new superfood that can improve your health and…

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Here’s How a Lymphatic Massage Can Jumpstart Your Wellness

Feeling stuffed up? Bloated? Slow-moving and lethargic? We all have days when it feels like we’re walking through wet cement,…

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In the Age of Meal Delivery, Cooking Your Own Meals is Important

Did you know there are almost 20 different meal prep and delivery services out there? From Blue Apron to Home…

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Art Therapy

From Coloring Books to Canvas: Art Therapy is Good for the Soul

Human language is a complicated thing. Though most everyone uses it for basic communication on a daily basis, it can…

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Ashwagandha is Worth Adding to Your Supplement Regimen. Here’s Why.

The scope of western medicine is somewhat limited. While renowned the world over for its innovation and sanitation, western medicine…

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