Debunking Nootropics: Why Most are a Placebo & How to Select the Most Effective One


Have you used nootropics before? They are quickly becoming mainstream in the biohacking – or what we like to call it, bio-optimizing – community. Nootropics, or “smart drugs,” are a class of substances that can boost brain performance. They are sometimes called cognition enhancers or memory enhancing substances. But here’s the thing: Most nootropics on the market only provide you with placebo effects. That’s why in this episode of the Complete Human podcast, we’re here to debunk this quickly growing trend. We dive into the main questions we get asked on nootropics and bring you the truth!


What we answer:

What is a nootropic?

What are the different kinds of nootropics?

Why all nootropic supplements aren’t effective? 

What to look for when selecting a nootropic supplement?

How often is it safe to take nootropics?

What can you do to boost cognitive function aside from nootropics?


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Abhishek Chauhan

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