Dr. Scott Sherr: How Nicotine and Methylene Blue Can Optimize Brain Function and Health


Imagine a world where using Nicotine as a brain stimulant had positive effects on our overall cognitive health. Sounds crazy right? Well the research has been done and proven that using a minuscule amount of Nicotine, alongside Methylene Blue, can push us to reach our greatest potential.

In this episode of the Complete Human podcast, we’ll be talking about brain health, brain stimulation and the elements of optimizing brain function with Dr. Scott Sherr.

Dr. Scott  takes us on a journey through the history of using Methylene Blue and how it was used in World War 2 to prevent fungal infections like trench foot as well as a long history link to Malaria as it was used as a strong anti-viral, anti-fungal as well as an antibacterial. 

Plus, Dr. Scott also explains how  pharmaceutical grade Nicotine, given in small doses, improves our focus, memory and tension as it is a neuroprotective stimulant. He then explains the studies done on Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s patients and how nicotine helped with their cognitive tension. 

Dr. Scott Sherr is a Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician from Troscriptions, formulating pharmaceutical graded products that are precision dosed and are all physician formulated, trial and tested. He works alongside Dr. Ted Achacoso at Health Optimization Medicine which is a non profit company that focuses on the approach to optimizing our foundational cellular biology health.


What We Discuss:

05:16: The origin of the idea of pairing Methylene Blue with Nicotine and optimizing the endocannabinoid system

12:23: Benefits of Troscription nootropics and where the ingredients are derived from 

15:06: Can the nicotine formula be addictive? Does the therapeutic effect outweigh the risk? 

20:37:  Thoughts on biohacking, being a complete human and the understanding your own individual biology 

27:06: Diving deeper into Methylene Blue in relation to COVID-19 and Cancer 

33:56: How Methylene Blue relates to mitochondrial dysfunction + its cognitive effect

36:55: How higher level athletes deal get the optimal recovery they need

39:16: What’s the difference between Nicotine doses in a cigarette or vaping device vs. nicotine dosage in the products?

46:50: How to use Dr. Scott’s products

50:16: Discussing a new product for stress relief, tension, relaxation and anxiety


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