Complete Human Cryo Tub

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Harness your potential with Complete Human Cryo tubs, self-cleaning, self-cooling tubs with reclaimed wood sealed with natural flax seed oil. Provide your home or gym with a top-of-the-line eco-friendly cold therapy experience to optimize your health and athletic performance.

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Hear what the athletes have to say


“I was originally SO nervous to get in the tub. This was my first time in a Cyro Tub. With the use of some breathing techniques I was able to control my breathing, relax, and get in. Once I was in the tub it was cold (like really cold), but once I was able to control my breathing and clear my mind it felt amazing. Once I was out of the tub, I felt rejuvenated. I had this burst of energy and my body felt incredible. I can’t believe I waited so long to try it!” - Heather S.


“After using the Cyro Tub, I felt instant relief in my knees. I do a lot of trail running so my legs take a beating. Hopping into the tub did wonders for my recovery. Once your body acclimates to the temperature drop, the rest of the experience is incredibly peaceful. It forces your mind to focus on your body & your breathing. A meditation of sorts if you will.” - Alberto V.

“My experience with Complete Human has been transformative and phenomenal to say the least! Being introduced to cryotherapy was intimidating at first but their team was able to educate me so well on the benefits that I HAD TO try it out. I felt so encouraged and supported by their team throughout my experience that if it wasn’t for their positive energy, I probably would have never tried cryotherapy. Their supplements like Organic Greens has also made its mark as a staple in my everyday routine. It’s delicious and I can feel the difference in my increased energy levels. I have absolutely loved this new journey with Complete Human.” - Lynnette D.


The Science Behind

Complete Human Cryo

Activating Brown Fat

Brown fat, also called brown adipose tissue or BAT, is a special type of body fat that is (activated) when you get cold. It’s also the same type of fat bears use when hibernating.

We are born with a lot of brown fat, especially behind our shoulder blades. Newborn babies can’t shiver, a process that creates heat within the body so they use their abundant stores of BAT to regulate their temperature.


There are two types of fat on your body – white fat WAT and Brown Fat BAT. White fat is the bad fat that we all associate with excessive caloric intake. Those calories are stored as white fat for use as a an energy source later on. White fat is mostly stored in thighs, hips and stomach and too much of this kind of fat is associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. There are metabolic disorders.

The white fat in your body is made from large droplets of fatty acids. The cells of brown fat are packed tightly with mitochondria, the powerhouse of all of our cells. Brown fat takes in excess sugar and fat and breaks them down for use as an energy source.

What does all of this have to do with getting cold?

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When your body gets cold, it produces a hormone that signals the abundant mitochondria in your brown fat to start cranking out energy. That energy production creates heat to hep regulate your body temperature.

Building Resilience

There are numerous studies that show that regular cold immersion therapy supports a healthy immune response.

Our anti sales pitch sales pitch – Keep in mind that there is no silver bullet for optimal health and wellness. Cold immersion therapy is just one of the many tools in the toolbox that you need to support your longevity goals. Combined with a healthy data based diet, an active lifestyle with heavy lifting and contra lateral movement and mindset work, cold immersion therapy will improve your resilience and your overall health and wellness.

Improved Recovery Times

Cold water immersion therapy has been shown in numerous studies to decrease muscle soreness after rigorous exercise.

Resolve Inflammation

There it is again – that nasty word inflammation. How many times have you heard “put some ice on it” after an injury. The mechanism of action that helps control swelling after an injury also helps control systemic inflammation. Most of us have some level of inflammation in our body and frequent cold exposure can help resolve this kind of inflammation that, if left unchecked, almost always leads to some kind of disease.

Improved Lymphatic Drainage

Remember that our lymph system requires movement or muscle contraction to work. We are literally born to move and without movement, our lymph system backs up, which can manifest in colds, infection, joint pain and eventually disease. Spending just a few minutes in the Complete Human Cryo Tub forces your lymp system to contract and pump those nasty fluids out of your system.

Accelerate Weight Loss

White fat cells are considered by many as “bad fat”. When you expose your body to cold water therapy your body activates your stem cells which create brown fat. These brown fat cells are active cells (metabolically) and use the white fat cells as energy to keep you warm which results in weight loss.


Every time we write that we picture Arnold yelling Get to the Copper instead of Chopper, and it makes us smile. If you’re going to do something, do it right. Aluminum and plastic tubs can be dangerous or environmentally unfriendly. Copper is antibacterial, antimicrobial and as an essential nutrient, is something that plans an integral role in our health. It also is an amazing thermal conductor and so helps us keep the energy usage lower for our cooling system. Finally – it just looks really cool. We think Arnold would approve.

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Cryo chambers versus cold water immersion



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2 year warranty


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