Coffee: Why It’s the Greatest Heist in History

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In this special episode, Evan DeMarco takes us back to the greatest heist in history which, believe it or not, revolves around a coffee sprout! 

Fast forward to present time, did you know the world consumes 1.6 billion cups of coffee every single day? That’s why coffee is a trillion-dollar global commodity. And yet, coffee farmers remain among the poorest of poor. Aside from climate change, they face exploitation, unfair trade, and many other labor issues. Evan proceeds to talk about Complete Human’s partnership with Café Cara Mia, a non-profit organization supporting women-owned and -operated coffee farms around the world. 

Coffee has been part of our daily lives, and the people who grow them deserve so much more. Are you ready to make every sip of your morning coffee a movement for change? 

 What is discussed:

1:20 – Why Complete Human teamed up with Café Cara Mia

2:30 – The history of the ‘Magic Beans’

7:00 – From tea to coffee: Why coffee has become one of the world’s biggest commodities

7:30 – The truth behind the trillion-dollar coffee industry

9:00 – How is coffee affecting your health?

12:10 – Useful tips on how to choose your coffee wisely


Learn more about Café Cara Mia from Complete Human’s website: 

Chelsea Morrow

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