Scott Chaverri: How Red Light Therapy Can Solve Your Sleep, Skin, and Inflammatory Problems


What if you can recharge your cells, get better sleep, and improve your skin health just with the flick of a switch? 

Red light therapy or RLT is a type of therapy that exposes you to specific wavelengths of red or near-infrared light. It’s proven to stimulate mitochondrial function, suppress inflammation, and supercharge cell healing and recovery. In this episode of the Complete Human podcast, Scott Chaverri tells us more about the profound health benefits of red light therapy and how we can enjoy them without breaking the bank.

From childhood to his early 20s, Scott struggled with obesity, severe acne, and insomnia, which sparked his strong interest in health and wellness. His journey involves a lot of self-experimentation and costly medications, until an 8-dollar pair of red glasses gave him the best sleep he’d never had for a long time. 

Here, he shares how those blue blocking glasses changed his life. He also explains how the different light spectrums affect our physiology and why our modern lifestyle calls for a red-light supplementation, especially with the alarming Vitamin D deficiency in the world today. 

Scott Chaverri is the CEO and founder of Mito Red Light, a health and wellness company committed to producing the highest quality, cost-efficient red-light therapy products to the market. We’ve been using Mito Red Light devices for a while now and, in this episode, we share our thrilling experience with you.

What we discuss:

2:00 – Scott’s health journey and how he discovered red light therapy

6:10 – How blue light, red light, and the near-infrared light affect our physiology

10:30 – What’s the optimal red-light wavelength that gives the maximum healing effects?

13:15 – How red light therapy fires up the mitochondria

20:00 – Can red light increase testosterone levels?

23:10 – Hormesis: Why exposure to free radicals isn’t always bad

29:57 – Reasons why most of us need red and near-infrared light therapy 

36:20 – Is red light therapy harmful to the eyes?

42:53 – What’s the best time of the day to do red light therapy?

48:20 – How is Mito Red Light different from other devices in the market?

50:35 – Do you need to be naked to get the full benefits of red light?

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Instagram: @mito_red_light

Abhishek Chauhan

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