We are all Just Energy: Understanding How Humans Vibrate as Energy

Spiritual vibrations are a concept we’re all familiar with. We send ‘good vibes’ when someone is sick or feeling down. We talk about ‘heavy vibes’ when the situation is bad. These aren’t just slang terms or things to toss out at random—they have real meaning. People are made of energy, and that energy is always vibrating to some degree.

Understanding the vibe

Think back to high school science. What is energy? It’s a force that can’t be created or destroyed, that’s used to affect everything and anything. You kick a ball or dance with someone or run a marathon and you’re expending energy. Even when you sit still, sleep or listen intently to someone, you’re still expending energy. As long as we’re alive, we have energy. In simplest terms, we take in energy by eating and we expend it by simply being alive!

Energy is never dormant—it never ceases being energy. So, what happens to it when we’re not expending it? It resides within us, gently vibrating. We can’t feel it vibrate, but we can feel different levels of vibration in the form of clarity and consciousness. If you’re familiar with auras and chakras, the concepts go hand in hand. Essentially, your aura is a representation of your energy and your activate chakras.

Good and bad vibrations

What happens when you have bad vibes? How do you know what a good vibration really feels like? Can you change the vibes you’re putting out? There are a lot of questions about vibrations, and just as many answers. As it turns out, controlling your vibrations is simple. You just need to learn how to master your aura and active your chakras.

Let’s start with bad vibes. Bad vibrations are usually “heavier” because they occur at a low frequency. Your energy isn’t buzzing; it’s rumbling. You’re in a bad mood or you’re angry, and you’re projecting energy that’s negative. Your aura isn’t positive and your chakras are out of alignment, or not activated at all. It usually means you have fundamental problems—things affecting your deepest quality of life.

Good vibrations are the opposite. They occur at a higher frequency and make you feel lighter. Someone might describe you as buzzing with excitement or glowing with happiness. You’re putting out good emotions and your aura is bright and healthy. Your chakras are aligned and concentrated, and any problems you have are trivial compared to your confidence, happiness and motivation.

Obviously, no one wants to live with bad vibrations. But shaking them can be harder than you think! It takes work and emphasis on getting in touch with your chakras. You need to face whatever’s at the root of your negativity head-on and reason through it, adopting positivity and optimism to overcome it. Only after you care for your chakras one by one can you align and activate them, improving your aura and your energy.

Use your energy in a positive way

Part of how you vibrate as energy depends on how you exert that energy. Action breeds feeling. If you exert energy to steal something, that action will manifest as bad vibrations. It’s the same when you yell at someone or assault them, or even do something simple, like take credit for their good deed. Negative action spawns bad vibrations. But the opposite is also true.

Giving someone a hug is an act that’ll generate good vibration. The same goes for doing a good deed. Exercising, petting your dog or calling your mom all have the same effect. Put good out into the world and your energy will respond in kind, vibrating at a high level that makes you feel happy and centered, instead of off-kilter and detached.

Simple ways to enjoy good vibes every day

If you’re someone that struggles to find good vibration in your everyday life, there are things you can do to put yourself in a better place to accept it. Here are a few great tips for mastering your energy, activating your chakras and balancing your aura, so you enjoy good vibes and avoid the heavy ones that might drag you down:

  • Start every day with affirmations or positive thoughts
  • When faced with struggles, look for the silver lining first
  • When you’re feeling stressed, practice self-care
  • Learn the power of meditation or yoga to clear your mind
  • Make it a point to do one good thing every day
  • Recognize and avoid negative situations
  • Surround yourself with positive people who put out good vibes

There will be times when your energy vibrates a little lower and you feel a little gloomier. That’s okay! The important thing is learning how to read that energy in yourself and knowing how to put yourself on the path to correcting it. Remember, your good vibes will inspire good vibes in others, because we’re all just energy!

Evan DeMarco

Evan DeMarco is a leading sports medicine and nutrition expert, published author, public speaker and frequent guest on television, radio, and digital platforms.

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