Body Scan Meditation

Episode #40 Religion Versus Spirituality

Like energy seeks like energy. Janna & Evan chat about Religion and Spirituality. Join them on this controversial topic and…

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Create Stability in Your Life by Building Spiritual Wellness During Crisis Events

The only constant is change, which is of little comfort to most of us these days. While there are good…

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We are all Just Energy: Understanding How Humans Vibrate as Energy

Spiritual vibrations are a concept we’re all familiar with. We send ‘good vibes’ when someone is sick or feeling down….

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What is an Aura and is it Real?

Maybe you’ve heard of auras before? That’s the term that we use to refer to the energy a living organism…

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What is a Chakra and What the Heck do I do About it?

Do you ever have those days when you feel… off? Something’s not right, but you can’t put  your finger on…

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