Put Down the Energy Drink and Pick Up Natural Energy Boosting Foods Instead

It’s 3pm and you’re slumped over your laptop, praying to the caffeine gods for a boost. It doesn’t help that…

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CRISPR is About to Change the Game for Personalized Medicine

If you or someone you know has a genetic disorder, you’d probably do just about anything to permanently eradicate that…

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Adrenal Fatigue

Don’t Let Constant, Grating Stress Turn into Full-Blown Adrenal Fatigue

Feeling stressed? (The sound you just heard is the hysterical sobbing from everyone who lived through 2020.) That might be…

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Herd Immunity

Science Says Herd Immunity Won’t Work for COVID-19

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, more than 223,000 U.S. residents have died. Even worse, there doesn’t seem to be…

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10 Ways Stress Affects the Body (and How to Prevent Long-Term Damage)

Stress is a killer. Literally. We all experience stress to some degree—from being late for an important meeting to worrying…

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Meet CBD and Curcumin: A Dynamic Duo for Fighting Inflammation

CBD has been making headlines over the last few years, as proponents tout its ability to help everything from anxiety…

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The Link Between Pets and Positive Mental Health, Explained

Many pet owners proudly sport bumper stickers that say, “Who rescued who?” If you’re a pet owner, you take this…

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“Should We Try It?” How a Sex Questionnaire Can Help Set Boundaries and Improve Communication

Any relationship goes through its ups and downs, including in the bedroom. Whether you’ve been together months, years or decades,…

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Will Having an Orgasm Boost Your Immune System? Science Says Yes!

What if we told you that one of the many ways you can boost your immune system is by doing…

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Hot vs. Cold: How Contrast Therapy Shocks Your Body into Shape

Lying in an ice bath might not sound relaxing, but professional athletes do it for a reason. It’s true that…

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Spring Cleaning is the Mental and Physical Health Boost You Need!

Spring is on its way, which means it’s time to clean. Throw open the windows to air out your living…

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Explore Your Pelvic Floor with Fitness Trainer Courtney Virden

Do you know what your pelvic floor is and why it is so important? While it is becoming a topic…

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