earth frequency

The Earth Has a Frequency—Here’s How to Tune In

Have you ever been surprised at how quiet it is when the power goes out? We tune out the sounds…

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Put Down the Energy Drink and Pick Up Natural Energy Boosting Foods Instead

It’s 3pm and you’re slumped over your laptop, praying to the caffeine gods for a boost. It doesn’t help that…

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Body Scan Meditation

Episode #40 Religion Versus Spirituality

Like energy seeks like energy. Janna & Evan chat about Religion and Spirituality. Join them on this controversial topic and…

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Correcting Your Unbalanced Biofield Through Reiki

In a world increasingly plagued by social unrest, the COVID-19 pandemic and political chaos, energy healing and alternative medicine have…

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Energy Healing

Can energy healing really cure what ails you? Before you scoff at this ancient medicinal practice, keep in mind that…

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We are all Just Energy: Understanding How Humans Vibrate as Energy

Spiritual vibrations are a concept we’re all familiar with. We send ‘good vibes’ when someone is sick or feeling down….

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What is an Aura and is it Real?

Maybe you’ve heard of auras before? That’s the term that we use to refer to the energy a living organism…

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What is a Chakra and What the Heck do I do About it?

Do you ever have those days when you feel… off? Something’s not right, but you can’t put  your finger on…

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