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Can Science Really Identify the DNA Responsible for da Vinci’s Talent?

Talk about The da Vinci Code: scientists have been hard at work trying to trace famous artist, inventor and engineer…

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earth frequency

The Earth Has a Frequency—Here’s How to Tune In

Have you ever been surprised at how quiet it is when the power goes out? We tune out the sounds…

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Mosquitoes: From Supreme Annoyance to Disease Eradicators

Buzz. Buzz. Smack. You’ve just become a mosquito’s (last) meal. Depending on how allergic you are to mosquito bites, this…

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CRISPR is About to Change the Game for Personalized Medicine

If you or someone you know has a genetic disorder, you’d probably do just about anything to permanently eradicate that…

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Neuralink Gives Us a Peek into the Future of Smart Devices

The future is here—and if you were a bit disappointed with the available hoverboard selection, you might be excited about…

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14 Animals Once Thought to be Extinct, Now Part of Conservation Efforts

It seems like more species are going extinct as a result of climate change, human development hunting and fishing practices…

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Perseverance Rover

Touchdown! NASA’s Perseverance Rover is Live on the Surface of Mars

If you’ve been following the news lately, you’ve probably seen that NASA’s newest Mars rover—the Perseverance—has touched down on Mars…

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Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming Could Be the Gateway to Mastering the Dream World

Depending on how you view the world, consciousness can be a mind-bending subject. For centuries, philosophers, poets, artists and dreamers…

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Want to Visit the Gates of Hell? They’re in Turkey and Have Been Open Since 1971

No matter the context, the concept of hell is pretty much ubiquitous: lots of fire, flames, heat and suffering. Ask…

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The Story of 28,000 Rubber Ducks and What They Tell us About Ocean Currents

Imagine walking along a beach in Chile or England or Alaska and coming upon a simple rubber duck washed up…

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Climate Change Could be Responsible for New Epidemics

Imagine how unlucky a person has to be to live through the Spanish Flu Pandemic of the 1920s, the Avian…

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Bostrom Theory

There’s a 50% Chance We’re Living in a Simulation, According to Modern Philosophers

It’s one of the most intriguing concepts in modern science fiction, the notion that we’re all living in an ongoing…

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