Go Take a Walk in the Park—You’ll Feel Better Afterwards!

When we’re feeling overwhelmed, we like to step outside for some fresh air. Something about being outdoors fills us with reprieve. Just sitting on your porch will lift your spirits. And if you can find a park or nature trail to explore, that’s even better.

Spending time in nature is good for you, and some doctors even prescribe it like medicine. Studies have proven that consistent exposure to green space can help you fight disease and boost your overall mental well-being. If exercise isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Take a break from work and enjoy your lunch on a park bench—it goes a long way.

An emotional connection to nature also mobilizes people to help save the environment. The world needs all hands on deck to save it from climate change. After spending time outdoors, you’ll be motivated to make eco-friendly lifestyle choices like reusable shopping bags or carpooling to work. It might not seem like much, but those choices add up to make a difference.

Over time, you’ll develop a fondness towards your favorite nature spots. When you hear about the negative consequences of climate change, it’ll twist your gut a bit more. All of a sudden, you realize the beloved woods behind your house are in danger. By communing with nature, you’re more likely to take action against climate change.

The link to nature is important

For over a century, urbanization has dictated how people in first-world countries go about their lives. Millions inhabit cities where the closest thing to nature is the occasional tree-lined avenue. But even in New York City, you can find a nature oasis. Central Park was created so urban dwellers could take a break from looking at skyscrapers and cement all day.

While skyscrapers are a magnificent feat of human kind, there was once a time when they didn’t exist. It’s important that we rediscover our innate connection to nature. If you’re new to enjoying the outdoors, you’ll realize that nature gives your life satisfaction in a way you’ve never experienced before.

Urbanization is accompanied by the ever-growing digital age, and sometimes you just need to disconnect. You can’t give nature your undivided attention if your phone is constantly buzzing with notifications. Turn off your phone and go for a quick stroll around the block. Find the balance between the urban lifestyle and time spent in nature.

Here’s what time outside can do for you

Nature offers many life-changing benefits. After spending as little as 20 minutes outside, participants from a research study reported a boost in mental wellbeing. Over time, the outdoors can lower your risk of developing psychiatric disorders. If you make communing with nature a habit, then those quick 20 minutes a day will really pay off!

Spending time outdoors impacts your physical health, too. People who go outside on a regular basis are more inclined to exercise. And, as we all know, exercise is known to help people fight depression and fill them with energy. In addition to that, a bit of fresh air every day can help people who struggle with high blood pressure and heart rate.

Nature can be an effective—and free—form of medicine. Not only does it have proven health benefits, but some doctors actually prescribe it to some of their patients alongside pharmaceutical drugs. It’s a fun way to improve your physical and mental health, and you can do it with friends! There are endless things to do in nature, so you’re bound to find an activity you enjoy.

Take a hike (or even a short walk)

Some might put off recreational activities because they have lots to get done. After all, there’s only 24 hours in a day. But it’s easy to fit time outdoors into a busy schedule. While 20 minutes a day doesn’t seem like much, it will add up over time.

The best way to clock those 20 minutes is building them into your daily routine. Wake up earlier in the morning to walk your dog before leaving for work. Go for a stroll while you mentally prepare for an exam. No matter how busy life gets, you should always make time for your health.

Nothing but good can result from spending time in nature. You don’t have to live near a national park to appreciate it, either. Find a small nook in your neighborhood that you love, and do what you can to take care of it.

Abhishek Chauhan


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