Your Introduction to HRV and its Role as an Exercise Metric

If you’re a fitness junkie, you need to measure HRV: heart rate variability. This is one of the best metrics…

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Functional Fitness

Functional Fitness Trains Your Body for the Rigors of Everyday Life

It takes a lot of strength and endurance to get through your day. The older we get, the harder it…

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respiratory strength

Increase Your Respiratory Strength with These Exercises

You never really think about the simple act of breathing until something hinders your ability to do so. Whether it’s…

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Fight-Style Workouts

Fight-Style Workouts Are the Most Effective Way to Train Hard

If the pandemic’s got you feeling a little soft around the edges, you’re not alone—quarantine hasn’t been conducive to staying…

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Hot vs. Cold: How Contrast Therapy Shocks Your Body into Shape

Lying in an ice bath might not sound relaxing, but professional athletes do it for a reason. It’s true that…

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A 70-year-old Woman Runs 7 Marathons on 7 Continents in 7 Days!

What do you picture yourself doing in 40 years? Most people slow down with time, but not Chau Smith. The…

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Go Take a Walk in the Park—You’ll Feel Better Afterwards!

When we’re feeling overwhelmed, we like to step outside for some fresh air. Something about being outdoors fills us with…

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Muscle Confusion is the Key to Long-Term Workout Effectiveness

2020 is just getting started, but some people are already quitting their New Year’s resolution to get in shape. Why?…

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On the Cutting Edge of Memory Enhancement and Alzheimer’s Treatment With A-GPC

Have you heard of A-GPC? If you or a loved one isn’t dealing with Alzheimer’s, you might not have heard…

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Helping Your Body Feel Like it’s Supposed to: The Impact of Exercise on Hormone Health

Hormone health is inextricably linked to your major bodily functions, including metabolism, sex drive, mood, fertility and sleep. When these…

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What Can You do to Reduce Inflammation and Telomere Shortening? (Pt. II)

As we talked about in Part I of this series on telomeres, they’re the main focus of anti-aging and age-related…

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