Is Eating Vegetarian Better for the Environment?

While climate change affects the planet, experts and concerned individuals alike have been scrambling for ways to reduce our consumption…

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Greenhouse Emissions

Breaking Down Greenhouse Emissions: Where Do They Come From?

There’s no doubt that the earth is experiencing climate change at an unprecedented rate. This is due in large part…

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Earth Overshoot Day

#MoveTheDate and the Struggle to Push Earth Overshoot Day Back

The struggle to live a sustainable, environmentally friendly life gets harder every year—for us as well as the planet. Mother…

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There’s Actually Good News About Climate Change in the IPCC Report

In August 2021, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a new report. In 2018, they had predicted…

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Beyond a Buzzword: What Does Bitcoin Have to do With the Environment?

It’s hard to escape hearing about bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency. Not only has its value skyrocketed in the…

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Sustainable Plastic

New Plant-Based Sustainable Plastic Alternatives Could Change the World

Plastic is convenient and versatile, but it’s also an ecological scourge on the planet. Even if recycling is your religion,…

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Heritage Farming Practices Could Save Our Soil

Go to any chain grocery store today and you’ll find a growing section for organic fruits and veggies in the…

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Embrace Darkness: Light Pollution Isn’t Getting the Attention it Should

Imagine walking outdoors at night to be greeted with millions of stars, visible nebulas and galaxies. Over 100 years ago,…

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Here’s Why a 4-Day Workweek Could be the Key to Saving Our Environment

Most of us grew up in a world where the workweek was five days with two-day weekends in-between. However, new…

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Lifestyle Tips that are Good for the Planet and You

Your lifestyle impacts your longevity and health. From eating nutritious meals to regularly exercising, every part of your daily routine…

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We’ve Passed Earth’s Overshoot Day for 2020. Here’s What it Means.

A variety of religious, secular and federal holidays, and observances fill the calendar every year. While well-known days of celebration…

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We’re on the Cusp of a Mass Extinction; There’s Still Time to do Something About It

If anyone had “mass extinction” on their list of the wonders 2020 would provide, you might be a bit closer…

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