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Barefoot Living

The Benefits of Barefoot Living

When’s the last time you walked through the grass, soil or sand, barefoot? If it’s been a while, you might…

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Understanding the Therapeutic Benefits of Yoga

Yoga may have originated in ancient India, but it is now a worldwide practice, with at least 55 million yogis…

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Anti-Gravity Yoga

What is Anti-Gravity Yoga and Why is it Gaining in Popularity?

Strength, flexibility, inner peace… and hanging from the ceiling? If you try anti-gravity yoga, you could experience all of these…

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The 4 Principles

Episode #31 The 4 Principles Revealed

What is our “Why?” While The Complete Human Podcast covers a lot of topics, sometimes seemingly at random, the driving…

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Meet CBD and Curcumin: A Dynamic Duo for Fighting Inflammation

CBD has been making headlines over the last few years, as proponents tout its ability to help everything from anxiety…

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There’s Someone Alive Today Who Will Live to be 1,000

How long do you think you’ll live? Chances are, it will be under one hundred years, given current life expectancies…

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Hot vs. Cold: How Contrast Therapy Shocks Your Body into Shape

Lying in an ice bath might not sound relaxing, but professional athletes do it for a reason. It’s true that…

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Explore Your Pelvic Floor with Fitness Trainer Courtney Virden

Do you know what your pelvic floor is and why it is so important? While it is becoming a topic…

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Your Body Wants You to Replace Red Meat with Plants. It’s Time to Listen!

Red meat is everywhere. It’s the fast-food burger you had for lunch. It’s the hotdogs Americans love to grill on…

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The Science of Hand Washing and Why it Matters More Than Ever

Right now, Coronavirus is on everyone’s minds. It’s all people talk about these days, and with good reason. The virus…

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Go Take a Walk in the Park—You’ll Feel Better Afterwards!

When we’re feeling overwhelmed, we like to step outside for some fresh air. Something about being outdoors fills us with…

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Demystifying Stem Cells and Exosomes, to Highlight How They Help the Body Heal

Nothing triggers a lively debate like the phrase “stem cells.” There’s a lot of confusion about these cells—where they come…

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