Regenerative Farming: How Cows Can Save the World and Your Health


What the heck is regenerative farming? Why the heck should you prioritize regenerative farmed meat? These are the two questions we discuss in-depth in this episode of the Complete Human podcast.

Personally, we are fed up with people believing cows are bad for your health and the earth. We are fed up with people believing vegan is the way. And, we are fed up by people being under-educated when it comes to the meat they are/aren’t eating. 

In this episode, we not only give you a clear explanation of what regenerative agriculture is, but we also debunk counting myths and explain why regenerative farming is the key to saving humans and the planet. 

What we discuss:

7:00 – Why regenerative farming is returning to the way Mother Earth intended 

11:00 – Water scarcity 

13:00 – Sequestering carbon 

15:00 – Nutrient density

18:00 – Is Grass-fed/Pasture Raised the same?

19:30 – Why there is no space on this earth for conventional meat

23:00 – How do you shop for regenerative meat?

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