Mental and Spiritual Health

Learning How to “Just Be” is Good for the Mind, Body and Soul

Just be chill. Just be cool. Just be calm. These are all phrases we’ll hear throughout our lives, usually at…

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Here’s Why Science is Fixated on Brain Entropy and Psychedelics

Over the past few years, you’ve likely noticed a rise in conversations about the effect of psychedelic drugs in regards…

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Toxic Positivity: When Everything is Good, Nothing is Good

We all know someone who’s way too positive—they’re always looking on the bright side of life or finding the silver…

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Make it Your New Year’s Resolution to Have a Mindful Minute Every Hour

One minute is an incredibly short amount of time. It’s 1/1440 of your day and flashes by in the span…

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How Financial Health Correlates to Mental Health (Plus New Year Tips)

Have you ever heard of the “poor tax?” It’s the idea that financial struggles have costs associated with them. Sometimes,…

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For COVID-Positive People, Mental Anguish Can be Ongoing

2020 will be the year forever marked by the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve all been subject to quarantine, mask-wearing and social…

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Stoic Principles Can Help You Lead a Happier Life

There are things within your control, and things which are not. This simple idea is the core tenant of stoicism:…

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9 Ways to Combat Shorter Days and Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is something many people struggle with each year. As the days grow shorter and the temperatures…

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Doomscrolling is the One Habit You Need to Break in 2021

We’re all guilty of it. We get done with work, plop down on the couch and start scrolling. Social media,…

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Empaths are Feeling Overwhelmed During the Pandemic. Take Time to Recharge!

It’s been an overwhelming year for everyone. Most of us have never lived through a pandemic. Watching the world shut…

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Body Scan Meditation

What Is a Body Scan Meditation and Why Make It Part of Your Everyday Routine?

One of the benefits of living in modern times is the increased understanding we have as a culture regarding self-care….

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Positive self talk

Positive Self-Talk is Something You Can Practice Every Day

Every person on the planet lives with it: that little voice in their head. Sometimes it sounds like you, sometimes…

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