The O Shot: PRP to Boost Vaginal Pleasure Centers

The female orgasm has long been the subject of cultural mystery. On TV it’s portrayed as an earth-shattering, mind-blowing revelation… if it can be induced. In real life, it’s often the subject of post-coital conversation—i.e., “did you have one?” The female orgasm is often portrayed as both a mythical symbol of ultimate pleasure and something akin to an impossible task.

The reality is quite different, and much more frustrating for many women.

The fact is, many women don’t achieve orgasm. It has nothing to do with how good the sex is or the type of simulation. Often, lack of orgasm comes down to lack of blood flow and the inability to reach climax due to circulatory deficiencies. In the same way men suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), women suffer from the inability to reach climax. The difference is, there are tons of medications for ED and not too many solutions meant for women. Until now.

Enter: The O Shot

The O Shot has been around for a few years, but has only recently begun picking up steam as a true treatment for women. The O Shot sounds a little intimidating, but the science behind it has more women undergoing the simple procedure and seeing amazing results.

As the name implies, the O Shot is an actual shot administered to the vagina—specifically vaginal pleasure centers like the clitoris, labia and G-spot. The shot itself is comprised of PRP-enriched blood. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a growth factor that can improve circulation, stimulate nerves and heal the body. Administered to the vagina, it does all three. The result for many women is restorative, improving everything from stimulation to circulation in an effort to boost the likelihood and intensity of orgasms.

For many women, the O Shot is the missing ingredient in their sex life—the one that pushes all those other good feelings over the top.

The benefits of the O Shot

The chief benefit of the O Shot is the heightened sensations it creates at the vagina’s pleasure centers. PRP boosts blood flow and nerve health in these areas, which means further stimulation through sex or masturbation is enhanced. This heightened sensitivity is often enough to induce orgasm where it might’ve been dulled before.

Many women also report stronger sexual desire from the O Shot. In the same way arousing thoughts and feelings can trigger the release of hormones and increase blood flow to sex organs, the O Shot induces these same sensations. For women who have a hard time “getting in the mood” or staying aroused during sex, the O Shot makes it easier to get turned on and stay that way, all the way through climax.

As a product of better blood flow, heightened sex drive and the healing effects of PRP, many women also report increase lubrication during sex. This is also a major contributor to healthy, pleasurable sex, which can heighten the chances of orgasm.

Is it worth it for women?

Currently, there are no negative side effects associated with the O Shot. In fact, PRP injections are biologically unique to the person, since they use your own blood. This means you’re not putting anything in your body that wasn’t already there in some capacity. For women concerned about the effects of other treatments like estrogen supplements, this is a much more natural way to boost the chance of orgasm.

The O Shot takes about three days to take effect and can have benefits lasting up to three weeks. For women who struggle to achieve orgasm or who can’t climax during sex or masturbation, there’s a lot of upside and almost no downside. Even the procedure itself is much less invasive than it sounds! Topical numbing agents are applied before the shot is administered and other than very small bruising at the injection site, you’re unlikely to experience any discomfort.

The one major drawback to the O Shot is the lack of qualified providers. Since PRP injections are still a treatment on the rise (for both men and women), not every physician offers them. Moreover, many insurance policies don’t cover them unless explicitly recommended by a physician. You’ll likely pay for the O Shot out of pocket.

It’s time to reach the top of the mountain

For many women, an orgasm is just out of reach. Sex is great and fulfilling, and everything feels amazing… there’s just no big bang at the end of the fireworks show. It’s not your fault or your partner’s. Often, it’s a matter of circulation and sexual health. The O Shot works to correct these things, opening the door to a mind-blowing orgasm you’ve been building to for years. Best of all, it’s a natural solution to one of life’s most frustrating problems!

Abhishek Chauhan

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