Beyond the Bedroom: Let Your Intimacy Roam for Best Results

When was the last time you had mind-blowing sex? Where did it happen? If you’re like most American adults, you…

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Pleasure Follows Pain: Why Make-Up and Break-Up Sex Are So Good

One minute you’re fighting. The next minute, you’re performing sexual acrobatics that your teenage self could have only dreamed of….

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Show Yourself a Little Love: The Scientific Benefits of Masturbation

What happens when your self-care routine includes a little extra self-care? According to scientists, showing yourself a little love—whether you’re…

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Sex Hormones

How Stress Affects Your Sex Hormones

Your boss is breathing down your neck. Your home is a mess. You’ve just got an unexpected bill, and your…

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Practicing Gratitude Leads to Better Sex

How’s your sex life? If it could use a little boost, maybe you should try gratitude—and we don’t mean being…

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dead bedroom

Dead Bedrooms Aren’t Just Missing Sex—They’re Missing Communication

Humans are programmed to like sex. The urge to procreate (or at least do the deed) is intertwined with our…

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Episode #49 HRV, Sleep, Sex & Performance Technology with Kristen Holmes

Wearable devices are now commonplace, allowing users to send a receive calls and texts, get reminders, track workouts and daily…

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She/He/They: The Power of Pronouns in Our World Today

Do you take for granted that people know you want to be referred to as “he” or “she?” If so,…

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Here’s Why ASMR Continues to Be One of YouTube’s Most Popular Segments

“Brain tingles,” “chills” and “shivers” are all words used to describe the effect of ASMR. The strange yet pleasant sensation…

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Health in Focus: Low T Goes Beyond Sexual Performance for Most Men

We all slow down a little as we age. Most of it is gradual, until you find yourself at a…

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There’s an App for That? Sex and Intimacy in the Time of Social Distancing

Being quarantined away from your partner—or being prevented from finding a new one—has been one of the most isolating parts…

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“Should We Try It?” How a Sex Questionnaire Can Help Set Boundaries and Improve Communication

Any relationship goes through its ups and downs, including in the bedroom. Whether you’ve been together months, years or decades,…

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