Sexual Health


Beyond the Bedroom: Let Your Intimacy Roam for Best Results

When was the last time you had mind-blowing sex? Where did it happen? If you’re like most American adults, you…

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Pleasure Follows Pain: Why Make-Up and Break-Up Sex Are So Good

One minute you’re fighting. The next minute, you’re performing sexual acrobatics that your teenage self could have only dreamed of….

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Show Yourself a Little Love: The Scientific Benefits of Masturbation

What happens when your self-care routine includes a little extra self-care? According to scientists, showing yourself a little love—whether you’re…

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A Closer Look at the Intimacy of Communication and Why it’s Important

We’ve all heard that relationships depend on good communication. The concept seems simple, yet so many couples have a hard…

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Sex Hormones

How Stress Affects Your Sex Hormones

Your boss is breathing down your neck. Your home is a mess. You’ve just got an unexpected bill, and your…

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Ben Greenfield: Daily Healthy Living, Bio-Optimizing, and Spiritual Fitness

In the world of biohacking, Ben Greenfield may be the truest practitioner of that craft. Today in our candid interview…

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Learn How Your Body and Mind Work Together to Experience Pleasure

A hot bath, fresh new sheets, the sun on your face—simple things like these can spark a lot of physical…

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Practicing Gratitude Leads to Better Sex

How’s your sex life? If it could use a little boost, maybe you should try gratitude—and we don’t mean being…

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dead bedroom

Dead Bedrooms Aren’t Just Missing Sex—They’re Missing Communication

Humans are programmed to like sex. The urge to procreate (or at least do the deed) is intertwined with our…

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Episode #46 Human Sexual Potential with Susan Bratton

  Is great sex something of fiction or are the limits of human sexual potential truly boundless, or bound if…

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Love From a Distance; Navigating Romance in the Time of Quarantine

It started out as a bad joke.  I didn’t take talk of shut down seriously since it could never happen…until…

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Health in Focus: Low T Goes Beyond Sexual Performance for Most Men

We all slow down a little as we age. Most of it is gradual, until you find yourself at a…

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