PEMF Therapy: Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields to Reinvigorate the Mind and Body

Chronic pain is something more than 20% of all adults deal with on a daily basis. It can be crippling, not only for your body but for your mind as well. Having to deal with dull aches, sharp, shooting pains, and the limited range of motion that comes with them is a crippling prospect.

Overcoming chronic pain isn’t easy, either. If it was, we’d all do it! Unfortunately, this is why many people fall into the trap of addiction. They’re just looking for something to alleviate their pain. Ironically, it’s often these same people who balk at alternative healing treatments like PEMF therapy. And while it might seem strange in theory, in practice, PEMF therapy is far more effective than most chronic pain medications. Why? Because it heals the body instead of simply masking the pain.

What is PEMF therapy?

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields. A simple explanation of PEMF therapy is that it uses electromagnetic waves to stimulate the cells of an affected area of the body, helping them to heal by restoring their healthy charges. It sounds a little sci-fi on the surface, so let’s break it down further.

Every cell membrane in our body has a positive or negative electrical charge due to the number of electrons carried by the atoms that comprise it. The charge of the cell is part of its function, allowing it to attract and carry different elements within our body. You might remember from high-school science class that certain elements interact with each other based on their electron capacity.

What happens over time, however, is that our cells begin to “drop” electrons. Age, injury and illness can all affect ionic exchange. As a result, they lose their charge and their ability to carry elements within the body. When this happens, we experience symptoms like inflammation, chronic pain and muscle fatigue. Likewise, to reverse these things, we need to restore the charge to affected cells.

This is where PEMF therapy comes in. PEMF uses low-frequency, low-amplitude electromagnetic waves to stimulate ion exchange in damaged cells, helping them to recover their charge and their cellular function. In doing so, the body is able to heal itself and recover.

Can PEMF electrocute me? Will it give me cancer?

Most people tend to think of exposure to electromagnetic waves as a bad thing. Too much exposure to an x-ray and you might develop cancer, for example. PEMF waves are completely save, thanks to their extremely low frequency and amplitude. In fact, what most people don’t realize is that PEMF surrounds us every day—we just aren’t attuned enough to feel it.

Are you the type of person who always knows which way is North? Can you feel a thunderstorm in the air before it even starts raining? These examples are your body reacting to PEMF in nature. We sense the electromagnetic fields around us and our body processes the signals into something we can understand. PEMF therapy uses this same principle, channeling electromagnetic energy into cells where it can stimulate repair.

What does PEMF therapy look like?

PEMF therapy is noninvasive and has virtually no feeling associated with it. Traditionally, a person lays down on a PEMF mat (supine). Voltage is fed into the mat, which pulses to send an EMF field into the person. All the person feels is a small vibration from the mat!

There are also personal PEMF devices, used to target specific areas of the body for healing, such as after injury or in the event of localized pain. These are strapped to your person and tuned to emit high or low frequency EMF waves.

The entire PEMF therapy process takes anywhere from five minutes to 30 minutes, depending on the nature of the therapy, the affected area and the person.

What are the benefits of PEMF?

At its core, cellular support and rejuvenation is the main benefit of PEMF therapy. But by reducing electrical charge and the ability to exchange ions, PEMF therapy also unlocks a broad spectrum of everyday benefits, including:

  • Reduced pain and inflammation
  • Stronger bones and tissues
  • Improved neurotransmitter balance
  • Improved ability to fall asleep and stay asleep
  • Reduced stress and improved ability to relax

Improved range of motion, reduction in chronic pain and the motivation to keeps striving for personal wellness are the biggest secondary benefits of PEMF. Once people repair their cells at a fundamental level, they begin to see a clear pathway to recovery and a life outside of their everyday chronic pain.

For someone faced with chronic pain each and every day, it might seem like the solution is at the bottom of a pill bottle. It’s not. Your best step toward recovery is one that attacks the problem at its most basic level—the cellular level. It’s why PEMF can do so much more than prescriptions in treating chronic pain in a meaningful way, instead of just masking it.

Abhishek Chauhan

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