Is 5G Going to Kill us All? Shungite to the Rescue!

5G networks are well-received by the American public because of their speed and reliability, but there are growing health concerns from global doctors and scientists who study the effects of radiation. Back in 2017, they launched the “5G Appeal,” trying to bring awareness to their worry that 5G networks may cause cancer, cellular damage and even genetic damage. Electromagnetic radiation is omnipresent, but as we use higher and higher frequencies to transmit energy, there could be serious negative consequences to public health.

What is 5G radiation, and is there anything you can do to protect yourself?

Get ready for new types of radiofrequency radiation

Have you heard of millimeter waves? They’re a type of non-ionizing radiation (as opposed to harmful ionizing radiation found in x-rays and nuclear radiation), but the effects of this radiation have yet to be fully studied. Millimeter waves are a higher frequency that allows us to transmit more information faster, albeit over shorter distances.

What scientists do know is that this type of radiation doesn’t penetrate the skin as much as lower frequency waves—but that doesn’t mean it’s any safer. Scientists worldwide have suggested that while there’s no clear evidence that 5G networks are actively harming humans and the environment, it’s irresponsible to roll out the networks without further research.

The good news is that, so far, we haven’t seen a rise in brain cancer or other adverse health effects from cell phone radiation, despite the fact that their use has exploded in popularity over the last 20 years.

So, is there a way to keep yourself protected while scientists investigate further? According to some people who swear by the mineral Shungite, there is.

What is Shungite?

If you’ve heard of crystal healing, you probably have an opinion on it. Some swear by the natural powers of the earth, citing the ability of minerals and gemstones to transmit energy or information (think of quartz used in clocks and watches, for example). Others prefer to only use methods backed by hard, empirical science. No matter what side of the fence you fall on, many people are now turning to Shungite to protect themselves from radiofrequency radiation.

Shungite is a hydrocarbon-based rock that has been used since ancient times for a variety of purposes. It has been scientifically proven to purify water by absorbing pollution and heavy metals. It also has high electrical conductivity, thanks to its high carbon and hydrogen content. Carbon is used in water filters to remove pollutants, which naturally occurs in Shungite.

Studies have demonstrated that Shungite is effective at removing the oxidizing and inflammatory effects of UV and infrared radiation from the skin, although no studies have been conducted on Shungite and the effects of 5G radiation and other types emitted by popular technology.

Some people believe that Shungite also protects against negative energy, heals depression and eases anxiety, among other positive effects (even finding true love!). Others believe that, because the human body emits its own energetic field, Shungite helps clear that energy and realign the chakras.

Protecting yourself from radiofrequency radiation

Proponents of Shungite claim that it will protect you from electromagnetic frequencies by blocking or absorbing the radiation. This is because it contains “fullerenes,” which are hollow pure carbon molecules. Almost no substances on earth have naturally-occurring fullerenes, making Shungite incredibly unusual—and, as proponents claim, powerful.

Shungite cannot change the frequency of radiation, which means that it can’t neutralize or harmonize the radiation into something safer for the body. Instead, it blocks the radiation so that it won’t harm your body.

Tips for using Shungite and protecting against EMF

  • Use Shungite pyramids and place them near anything that gives off radiation, like your WiFi router, microwave and cell phone.
  • Invest in a Shungite cell phone case.
  • Keep away from sources of radiation, including turning off your cell phone and Wi-Fi router at night.
  • Wear Shungite jewelry to block radiation near your head, throat, heart and hands.
  • Limit your time on your computer, cell phone and other electronic devices.
  • Avoid wireless headphones, opting for wired versions.
  • Consider replacing your wireless devices with wired versions—they might be less convenient, but they’ll help you avoid EMF.
  • Use Shungite to purify your water by placing a piece in your drinking vessel and letting it sit for awhile.
  • Make sure you purchase high-quality, genuine Shungite for the best possible purification effects.

Abhishek Chauhan

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  1. W Reynolds on February 9, 2020 at 5:41 pm

    Here are some truths about radiation, it has been my business my entire working adult life.
    1. The frequency of radiation is not a danger, it is the power you use to transmit it. Higher frequencies require higher powers to xmit. Some devices in your house require the use of a 2.4 ghz channel on you WiFi router rather than 5ghz because it reaches further.
    2. Shungite (sp) cannot help you. Time, distance, and shielding are all that will help you. If you want to stop radiation you need lead and concrete.
    3. If you’re worried about your router, you might as well get rid of your pretty granite, quartz, and marble counter tops. I wear a dosimeter daily, and I will get a reading if I leave it on my counter tops. Don’t use any fiestaware and forget about eating bananas. Also, you get a nice dose of radiation each time you fly.
    I agree with you that 5g may not be fully vetted, but I assure you, shungite is snake oil and it will not protect you. I feel it is irresponsible to tell people otherwise.

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