Coffee is the Miracle Drug You Always Hoped It Would Be

Is coffee good for you? It’s a question many avid java drinkers find themselves asking as they gulp down a…

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What Can Mitochondria Tell us About Cellular Stress?

“The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.” This simple phrase is something every high-school biology student learns, and it…

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What Can You do to Reduce Inflammation and Telomere Shortening? (Pt. II)

As we talked about in Part I of this series on telomeres, they’re the main focus of anti-aging and age-related…

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The Link Between Telomeres, Age and our Environments (Pt. I)

Everyone knows that DNA holds the keys to life. DNA determines everything about our being, right down to the color…

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Is 5G Going to Kill us All? Shungite to the Rescue!

5G networks are well-received by the American public because of their speed and reliability, but there are growing health concerns…

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C60 Olive Oil: What is it and What do I Need to Know?

If you follow any health and wellness trends, you’ll know olive oil has long been touted as a sort of…

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