Girl Scout Cookies: Do They Do More Harm Than Good?


Let’s discuss the most beloved cookie in the world: The Girl Scouts Cookie. Many of us just buy this cookie because a little girl is too cute to say no to. But, have you ever stopped to think about what Girl Scout cookies are doing to the environment, the effects they have on your health, and where that money is actually going?

Evan and Janna didn’t record this episode to exclusively dump on Girl Scouts, rather they did so so to open up a dialogue on a topic that is rarely discussed. With anything we are buying, it’s imperative to our health and planet to question its effects.

What we discuss:

How Girl Scout cookies affect our metabolic health

The ingredients of Girl Scout cookies

Why do we want to avoid palm oil for a better planet

Is selling Girl Scout cookies actually promoting entrepreneurship?

How much money are Girl Scouts making on cookies each year?

Where does the money go to?

What are some better alternatives for the Girl Scouts to sell?

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Abhishek Chauhan

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