Omega-6 vs. Omega-3: Why Our Ratio is Way too High, What It’s Doing to Our Health + How to Fix It


Do you struggle with chronic inflammation? Do you feel like it’s impossible for you to lose weight and you’re unsure why? Do you feel like you’re not aging as gracefully as you would like? More likely than not, omega-6 is to blame. 

The average American consumes a 26:1 ratio between omega-6 to omega-3, whereas we should be sitting at 1:1 ratio. How crazy is that? In this episode of the Complete Human Podcast, you’ll learn why this is happening, why this is an issue and what you can do about it.


Questions we answer:


What has caused our diet to be so high in omega-6?

Why do we need to have a proper ratio between the two?

What are the negative effects of high omega-6 levels?

What foods contain omega-6?

How do we bring our ratios into the right balance?


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Abhishek Chauhan

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