Debunking Sleep: Bio-Optimizations for Great Sleep


Do you believe 8 hours of sleep at night is optimal? Do you also believe in taking sleeping pills or supplements when you can’t sleep will fix the problem?

We all hate a poor nights sleep, but unfortunately, many of our lifestyle habits don’t set us up for success when it comes to sleeping well. Plus, many of our beliefs around sleep are false, which is only adding to the problem.

In this episode of the Complete Human Podcast, we not only debunk the most common sleeping myths (Like how you should never sleep 8 hours at night), plus the health issues that arise from sleep deprivation, and the bio-optimizations that will make a drastic difference in your quality of sleep.

What we discuss:

4:00 – The issue with checking your phone ASAP in the morning
12:00 – Issues that arise from sleep deprivation
15:00 – What a real sleep cycle should look like
17:00 – Sleep inertia
18:30 – Debunking sleep myths
22:00 – How to get better sleep

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Abhishek Chauhan

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