Oral Health: The Synergic Relationship between Oral Health and Overall Wellness

Did you know your overall health is highly dependent on your oral health? There is a synergic relationship between the two….

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Debunking Sleep: Bio-Optimizations for Great Sleep

Do you believe 8 hours of sleep at night is optimal? Do you also believe in taking sleeping pills or…

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Daylight Savings Time

Should We Ditch Daylight Savings Time for Good?

Daylight Savings Time: you might love setting back the clock an hour and getting some extra sleep in the fall,…

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heart health

Want Better Heart Health? Adjust Your Bedtime

Early to bed and early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise? There might just be some truth…

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Episode #49 HRV, Sleep, Sex & Performance Technology with Kristen Holmes

Wearable devices are now commonplace, allowing users to send a receive calls and texts, get reminders, track workouts and daily…

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Are You Practicing Good Screen Hygiene? Get the Scoop on Blue Light Glasses.

Before the widespread adoption of smart devices, people spent their free time going outside, reading, socializing, exercising and other activities…

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Keep Your Brain a Well-Oiled Machine: Meet the Glymphatic System.

Sleep plays a vital role in our health and wellbeing. When you sleep, your body instinctively goes to work, repairing…

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Brain ‘Washing’ During Sleep May Explain Why a Good Night’s Rest is so Important

“Brainwashing” is a term usually reserved for cults and other bad influences, not sleep. But new research indicates that your…

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What Can You do to Reduce Inflammation and Telomere Shortening? (Pt. II)

As we talked about in Part I of this series on telomeres, they’re the main focus of anti-aging and age-related…

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