Q&A on Janna and Evan’s Relationship + How They Make it Work


Curious about Janna and Evan’s relationship? We know most of you are and that’s why we put together this Q&A edition of the Complete Human podcast to give you an inside look into this couple’s relationship. They share how they met, what obstacles they face, and what has helped them the most in creating a strong and deep relationship.

As they share in this episode, no one wants to put in the work in relationships anymore. They just want to move on to the next person and cross their fingers it’s better. But, the thing they don’t realize is that they will continue to drag their baggage with them from relationship to relationship if they aren’t willing to put in the work. Janna and Evan explain how they do the work and give you ideas on how to do the same.

In this episode of Janna and Evan…

2:00 – Inside look into Janna and Evan’s relationship

7:00 – Balancing relationship and business

10:00- Boundaries

12:00 – Communication

14:00 – Overcoming challenges

15:00 – Letting go of control

17:00 – What Janna and Evan love most about their relationship

21:30 – Writing down relationship goals every 6 months

24:00 – How their relationship has impacted other parts of their lives

27:00 – Enjoying the journey

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