Debunking Food Labels: Which Labels Are Just a Marketing Scam?

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Let’s tackle food labels.

When you go to the grocery store and you are trying to pick out eggs, do you know which ones to choose? What about chicken? Steak? Milk?

Is cage-free the right option, or free-range? Or are neither of those the best option? It’s confusing. The issue is that most labels on your food are purely a marketing scam. In order to cut through the scams, we need to be educated on which labels actually matter and that’s exactly what we are going to dive into in this episode of the Complete Human Podcast!

The labels Janna and Evan debunk in this episode…

2:00 – Natural 

3:34 – Organic

8:04: Cage-Free

12:00 – Free Range

13:00 – Pasture-Raised 

14:00 – Grass Fed

17:00 – Gluten Free

19:00 – Non-GMO

21: – Fish labels

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