Beyond the Bedroom: Let Your Intimacy Roam for Best Results


When was the last time you had mind-blowing sex? Where did it happen? If you’re like most American adults, you probably opted to take that business to your bedroom. But what if we told you that couples who have sex outside the bedroom are 33 percent happier than their more traditional counterparts?

It turns out that intimacy outside the bedroom leads to better sex and a healthier relationship. This study showed that couples who venture outside their bedroom—whether in a different room of the house, outdoors or in a fancy hotel—report better relationship and sexual satisfaction. They also tend to have more sex overall.

It’s time to take your sex life beyond the bedroom. Here’s why you should consider spicing things up.

Why do different locations improve our relationships?

Obviously, having sex outside the bedroom doesn’t mean your sex life will automatically improve. There’s a certain amount of correlation masquerading as causation—more on that later.

However, taking your sex life outside of the bedroom can be a fun way to spice things up. When sex feels moderately risky or illicit, it adds an extra thrill. Couples who are spontaneous and open to new experiences are more likely to take their sex life to new locations. That results in better sex and great connection.

The opposite is also true: if you limit yourself to the bedroom, you’re probably going to miss out on opportunities to do the deed with your partner. While there are plenty of bars to spontaneity (jobs, school, children and other family members living at home), just being open to different locations can unlock a whole new world of sex.

Benefits of going beyond the bedroom

Having sex outside the bedroom offers several key benefits:

  • Have more sex: When you’re not bound to the bedroom, more opportunities to have sex will arise. Whether you’re hot and bothered on the couch during a Ken Burns documentary or you whisk your significant other away for a weekend with an outdoor hot tub, being open to sex in other locations can help you increase frequency.
  • Have better sex: People who have sex outside their bedroom are more likely to be satisfied. About 87 percent of study respondents who engage in sex outside the bedroom are satisfied with their sex lives, while only 62 percent of bedroom-only people feel the same.
  • Improve your relationship: People who have sex outside the bedroom report a nearly 94 percent overall relationship satisfaction rate. It makes sense: sex is a way to connect with your partner and share experiences. Plus, it releases a flood of bonding and happiness hormones, which can make you want sex and companionship even more.

Where to start

Obviously, some locations are better for sex than others. While it’s fun to be daring, you also don’t want to traumatize children or your HOA, or get arrested for public indecency.

According to the study above, the living room is the most popular location for beyond-the-bedroom activities. The front yard and attics rank dead last.

If you’re venturing outside the bedroom for the first time, take a cue from the study and start with the living room. It’s private, but any kind of different setting can be exciting. Private hotels or vacation rentals can also provide a change of scenery without the possibility of getting caught.

When you’ve already christened the most interesting and private locations in your home, try taking it outside—head out to the backyard, take a camping trip or park somewhere private and make out like teenagers.

The goal isn’t to do something that makes you uncomfortable, although it might be a little nerve-racking at first. It’s merely a tool to help you be open to the idea that sex can happen other places than on the bed with the doors locked and lights off. Lean into the awkwardness. No one said sex has to look like a perfectly coordinated romance novel or steamy movie scene to be fun and satisfying. As long as you and your partner are communicating well and respecting boundaries, switching up locations is a fun way to keep it fresh

Open the door to a better sex life

Taking your sex life outside the bedroom can dramatically improve it. Those benefits—better sex, more sex, greater intimacy and more fun—will bleed into other areas, too. You’re bound to be less stressed and experience greater overall happiness. Plus, that extra cardio never hurts.

So what are you waiting for? Open the door to a better sex life by going beyond the bedroom tonight.

Abhishek Chauhan

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