Earth Just Got a New Ocean. What Does That Mean for the Planet?

On June 8th, World Oceans Day, the Earth gained official recognition for its fifth ocean. Although scientists have been referring…

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Beyond a Buzzword: What Does Bitcoin Have to do With the Environment?

It’s hard to escape hearing about bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency. Not only has its value skyrocketed in the…

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nuclear test

Newly Released Nuclear Test Footage Shows Devastating Environmental and Atmospheric Effects

There’s no question that nuclear weapons can cause massive damage. One only has to look at the after-effects of the…

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Sustainable Plastic

New Plant-Based Sustainable Plastic Alternatives Could Change the World

Plastic is convenient and versatile, but it’s also an ecological scourge on the planet. Even if recycling is your religion,…

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Lifestyle Tips that are Good for the Planet and You

Your lifestyle impacts your longevity and health. From eating nutritious meals to regularly exercising, every part of your daily routine…

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We’ve Passed Earth’s Overshoot Day for 2020. Here’s What it Means.

A variety of religious, secular and federal holidays, and observances fill the calendar every year. While well-known days of celebration…

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What Spaceship Earth Teaches us in a Time of Pandemic and Climate Change

If you’re too young to remember Biosphere 2, it might sound too out there to be true: a closed-system utopian…

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As the Oceans Rise, are Floating Houses a Viable Solution?

The sea levels are rising, and mainlands are shrinking. Climate change threatens to displace many island and coastal communities. What’s…

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Breathe Deep and Remember to Thank Phytoplankton!

Think back to your earliest science classes in school. One of the first things we learn about our environment is…

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How Long the World Will Last if we Keep Going on this Way?

The Earth is 4.543 billion years old right now. That’s 1.685 trillion days. As organisms that live for no more…

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As Go the Bees, so Goes the Planet

For anyone who enjoys fresh flowers and produce, bees are a vitally important part of the ecosystem. About seventy percent…

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Plastic is Killing the Planet. It’s Time to Ban Single-Use Plastics

The wrapper on your candy bar. The water bottle you’re drinking from. Your shampoo bottle. These everyday items and a…

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