Personal Health and Social Responsibility: Find Accountability in Your LTM Tribe

Life to the Max (LTM) is a simple concept: Live the very best life you can. That means being better tomorrow than you are today and making today better than yesterday. It’s about focusing on your mental and physical health, harnessing your spiritual energy and finding ways to improve the world around you by being your best self. The journey will take you a lifetime, but it’s an adventure that’s absolutely unmatched!

No matter who you are or what aspirations you have, you can’t take your life to the max alone. You need a tribe—a group of likeminded people who will keep you accountable and help you realize your fullest potential. Your tribe is there to keep you honest and motivated. They’ll share your triumphs and your struggles, and they’ll support you. And you’ll do the same for them, because that’s what community is all about!


Like our ancient nomadic ancestors, we are all responsible for the health of the community. And, like our ancestors, we are only as strong as our weakest link. There’s accountability built into the very fiber of our being. Without community, we never would’ve progressed as a civilization. People need people—it’s undeniable.

But where our ancestors may have had to leave the weakest link behind, we can be better. LTM focuses on building a tribe focused on raising everyone up to their fullest potential. To do that, we need to be accountable not only to ourselves, but to the people supporting us. If everyone has stock in the success of the community, everyone is accountable.

Whether it’s a weight loss goal you have, a spiritual question you’re embarking on, or a social issue you feel deeply about, trust your tribe to keep you on the path to achieving it.


It’s our duty to ourselves to be the best we can be. It’s our responsibility to our tribe to hold ourselves to the highest standards. What we contribute to our tribe is what we can expect to get back from it, and that’s what forms the foundation of social change. When we don’t accept low standards for ourselves, we raise the bar for those around us.

It’s your responsibility to be better than you were yesterday. It’s your tribe’s responsibility to push you to be better than you were yesterday. Together, this positive action and reaction have rippling effects that spread outward. Your tribe becomes bigger and support grows. Eventually, you’re surrounded by people who have the same values you do and the personal commitment to bettering themselves that you hold close.


More hands make less work. There’s power in numbers. Teamwork makes the dream work. Pick your favorite saying and apply it to your tribe, because they’re all true! Being part of a tribe gives you untold power to get things done! What you might not be able to accomplish on your own, your tribe will help you achieve. Whether it’s a personal goal or a major social change, the power of a close-knit tribe is unmatched.

When you’re living life to the max, it means finding pursuits you’re passionate about. Things that are near a dear to your heart that you might not be able to realize on your own. Because these things are also important to your tribe, they become more tangible. You might not be able to climb Mount Everest by yourself, but you can do it with your tribe! The same goes for anything else—bringing about social justice, affecting positive change in your community or helping others who may not have a tribe of their own.

Part of belonging to something greater than yourself is playing your role. A tribe is the sum of its many individuals, all glued together by their commitment to something. Bringing action to your tribe means realizing the things you value and striving to achieve them, together.

Live Life to the Max

You deserve to feel good physically and enjoy mental clarity. You should benefit from the peace and balance that comes from spiritual awakening. You should have the ability to realize change in the world around you and have a hand in affecting it. You should live life to the max.

In your quest to make your life the one you’ve always wanted, remember that you need a tribe. No person is an island. Everyone needs people around them to lift them up when they’re down and push them to go further when they feel like they can’t go on any longer. This is the role of the tribe, and it’s your responsibility to do the same for your tribe.

We no longer live in an age where the weakest link is lost—instead, we can champion ourselves and others to reach our fullest potential. In the LTM tribe, no one is left behind!

Evan DeMarco

Evan DeMarco is a leading sports medicine and nutrition expert, published author, public speaker and frequent guest on television, radio, and digital platforms.

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