Galahad Clark: What Shoes are Doing to Your Feet + Why Barefoot is Better


Did you know that 70% of our brain’s information about movement comes from our feet? So, it follows that healthy feet come with a healthy mind. 

But a lot of what we do every day kills our feet, such as strutting in tight-fitting cushioned modern shoes!

In this episode of Complete Human, Vivobarefoot Founder Galahad Clark joins Janna and Evan to discuss everything you need to know about foot health and the evolutionary benefits of barefoot walking (and running). Galahad also details how modern shoes, which he blatantly calls “foot coffins,” affect muscle development in kids and disrupt the brain-foot sensory feedback. We dig deep into the fascinating science behind Vivobarefoot’s technology, too! And then we end the episode telling why reconnecting your body with nature and your soul starts with letting your soles touch the ground.

Galahad Clark is a seventh-generation descendent of the Clark family dynasty and founder of Vivobarefoot. This London-based footwear company features ultra-thin puncture resistance soles that let your feet do the natural thing. 


What we discuss:

3:50 – On continuing his family’s shoemaking legacy

7:00 – Why he almost went bankrupt & how Vivobarefoot came to life

11:00 – Why modern shoes are considered “foot coffins”

14:20 – The brain-foot connection + how cushioned shoes could lead to degenerative diseases

24:00 – The sad truth about the shoe industry & his quest to making a difference

32:00 – How tight-fitting shoes affect posture & children’s natural movement 

38:00 – What your squat form reveals about your foot health

42:00 – All about Vivobarefoot


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