Episode #5: Keeping People in the Game of Life through Sport with CAF’s Bob Babbitt


When we looked at people who have made a significant contribution to the world over the last 30 years, one name kept coming up over and over again. Bob Babbit, co-founder of Challenged Athletes Foundation has helped raise millions of dollars for prosthetic limbs and equipment to support athletes’ quest to get in or stay in sport. That’s what the website says, but the work he has done goes far beyond that. It’s impossible to ignore the ripple effect Bob has had on the world. Join us for a candid interview with this Froggy. (You’re going to have to listen to understand that.)

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Bob Babbitt Quick Bio
Bob offers CAF an example of dedication and long hours. As the co-founder of Competitor Magazine and the Challenged Athletes Foundation, Bob interacts with challenged athletes competing across the country and recognizes their need for competitive funding. Bob’s passion and creativity are great assets in the development of the CAF vision, as is his relentless promotion of this foundation. Bob has also been inducted into both the USA Triathlon Hall of Fame and the Ironman Triathlon Hall of Fame. You can listen to Bob on Babbitville Radio, a highly-acclaimed radio program and podcast showcasing the world’s best runners, triathletes, and cyclists.

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