Episode #42 Genetic Engineering… Would You?


Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought “I wish I had a different hair color or eye color.” What about more muscle, less body fat? What about more brain power, better eyesight, more empathy?
Contained within our genetic code is the raw untapped potential of the human condition. Within that same code is the negative potential of that condition where cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s are switch away.
CRSIPR cas9 is the technology that gives us the change to eradicate these diseases while also making some very fundamental changes to human beings.

Are we ready to play God? What are the long-term consequences of this technology and the genetic editing that comes from it? Who is responsible for policing this technology and who should decide what edits can be made?

The ethical conversation is one we cannot cover in a short podcast, but this week Janna and Evan discuss just a few of the ethical and global implications of genetic editing and what they would change about themselves if given the chance.

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