Episode #35 Fat Shaming? The Link Between Obesity and Covid.

Overweight hispanic or middle eastern senior couple wearing a N95 protective mask due Covid-19 pandemic




The link between obesity and prolonged issues with Covid has been well documented in the research. Obese, and now recently updated by the CDC, overweight people have longer hospitalizations, longer oxygen treatment and an significantly higher portion of confirmed deaths.
In this weeks episode of Complete Human, Evan and Janna discuss, amongst many things, the role that obesity plays in Covid.
Many have called out the recent news articles based on clinical research as “fat shaming.” In this episode we peel back the layers of the science and discuss a controversial but necessary topic on how obesity may cause Covid to stay around much longer, mutate faster and render a vaccine all but ineffective.

Dr. Tyna’s no nonsense approach to research and science is a refreshing voice of reason in chaos surrounding the topic of Covid.

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Evan DeMarco

Evan DeMarco is a leading sports medicine and nutrition expert, published author, public speaker and frequent guest on television, radio, and digital platforms.

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