Why Younger Generations are Ditching Religion for Mysticism

“I’m spiritual, but not religious.” Sound familiar? If those words have ever come out of your mouth, or you’ve heard…

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Nootropics are Going Mainstream Thanks to eSports

Competitive athletes have been looking for ways to enhance their performance since the days of the roman gladiators. On the…

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Programmers Have Created Every Possible Melody, to Help Save Music

Have you ever listened to a song, and it reminded you of a different one? A person’s first thought might…

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NASA is Looking for the Next Generation of Astronauts. Do You Qualify?

Kids have the craziest plans for when they grow up. You’ve probably heard some of them exclaim, “I’m going to…

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There’s Another Missing Link in the Human Evolutionary Chain

Look in the mirror. What you see is not what humans looked like millions of years ago. There were many…

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Absolute Time is an Illusion: Travel into the Future with Time Dilation!

We tend to think of time as absolute. Ten minutes for me is the same as 10 minutes for you,…

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