heart health

Heart Health Hacking Starts with Food (Plants, Specifically)

It’s time to get serious about your heart health. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United…

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Is Eating Vegetarian Better for the Environment?

While climate change affects the planet, experts and concerned individuals alike have been scrambling for ways to reduce our consumption…

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Coffee is the Miracle Drug You Always Hoped It Would Be

Is coffee good for you? It’s a question many avid java drinkers find themselves asking as they gulp down a…

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Immune-Boosting foods

8 Immune-Boosting Foods to Safeguard Your Health

What does the term “superfood” actually mean? Generally, people use the term “superfood” to describe foods with great nutritional benefits….

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Debunking Veganism: The Unspoken Issues of a Vegan Diet

How do you know someone is a vegan? Because they will tell you. Okay, now that we have the dad…

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smartphone diet

Your Smartphone Might Be Sabotaging Your Diet

The weight loss industry is a $33 billion dollar monolith, and about 45 million Americans go on a diet each…

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Do Detoxes Really Work? Get the Low-Down on Resetting Your System the Right Way

It’s no secret that a lot of icky stuff flows through our body. The air we breathe, the surfaces we…

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Intermittent Fasting has Benefits Far Beyond Weight Loss

In our efforts to take the best care of ourselves, we try numerous methods for increasing longevity, vitality and overall…

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The True Superfoods: 10 Foods You Could Literally Live on Every Day

We all know that eating a good diet is one of the best ways to ensure that our bodies get…

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Your Body Wants You to Replace Red Meat with Plants. It’s Time to Listen!

Red meat is everywhere. It’s the fast-food burger you had for lunch. It’s the hotdogs Americans love to grill on…

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Do Aphrodisiac Foods Actually Stimulate, or is the Link Between Food and Sex a Myth?

Aphrodisiac foods have a reputation for increasing a person’s sex drive. Some believe eating these foods or feeding them to…

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You Are What You Eat: Your Gut Could be Shaping Your Personality!

Do you put much thought into what you’re feeding your body? You might’ve heard the phrase, “you are what you…

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