spiritual health

Spiritual Detachment

Embrace Nothing: Learning the Rules of Spiritual Detachment

How many times have you worked for a goal, only to find yourself banging your head against the wall? Why…

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Spiritual Awakening

Signs That You’re Having a Spiritual Awakening

Wake up! That’s not your alarm clock talking—it’s a spiritual cri de coeur. Maybe you’ve been sad because you’re outgrowing…

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Find Out Where Spirituality “Lives” in the Brain

No matter what religion, spiritual guidance or general philosophy you have, you’ve probably considered—at least once—whether it’s “real.” Why do…

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Episode #52 The Work, Self-Inquiry, & Ego with Byron Katie

Byron Katie is a well known author, speaker and the founder of The Work. The Work is used to help…

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Shadow Work

Get to Know Your Dark Side: An Introduction to Shadow Work

Everyone has a dark side. Even the sunniest person has had moments of deep grief, has made bad decisions or…

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Correcting Your Unbalanced Biofield Through Reiki

In a world increasingly plagued by social unrest, the COVID-19 pandemic and political chaos, energy healing and alternative medicine have…

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Energy Healing

Can energy healing really cure what ails you? Before you scoff at this ancient medicinal practice, keep in mind that…

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The 4 Principles

Episode #31 The 4 Principles Revealed

What is our “Why?” While The Complete Human Podcast covers a lot of topics, sometimes seemingly at random, the driving…

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Episode #29 Our Ayahuasca Journey in Peru

Go back in time 10 years and ask someone about Ayahuasca and few people, if any would have known what…

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15 Types of Meditation to Bring Mindfulness to Your Everyday Life

With a pandemic raging, unemployment surging and civil unrest making the headlines, more people than ever are feeling unstable and…

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