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Episode #33 6 Steps to Strengthen Mental Fortitude and Elon’s Musk

In every area of life, from your education to your work to your health, it is your amount of grit…

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Episode #32 “Do Hard Things.” Cultivating Mental Strength and Resiliency with Spartan Founder, Joe De Sena

Evan and Janna chat with Joe De Sena, founder of Spartan which is the most popular obstacle course racing community…

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The 4 Principles

Episode #31 The 4 Principles Revealed

What is our “Why?” While The Complete Human Podcast covers a lot of topics, sometimes seemingly at random, the driving…

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Episode #30 Energy Healing and the Science of PEMF

   In 1818, the world was introduced to the Frankenstein Monster. Frankenstein’s creation was assembled from old body parts…

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Episode #29 Our Ayahuasca Journey in Peru

Go back in time 10 years and ask someone about Ayahuasca and few people, if any would have known what…

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Episode #26 SHARK WEEK! Diving with Sharks with Wendy Murray and Shane Taylor

  On this week’s episode of The Complete Human Podcast, Janna and Evan discuss the misconception of Sharks and cancer…

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Episode #25 Divorce & Mental Fortitude

  Janna & Evan are back again in another episode of Complete Human. This episode revolves around the subject…

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Episode #1: How surfers are saving the world

Janna and Evan’s first interview for Life to the Max begins on the beaches of La Jolla, CA where they…

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Surfers Save the World

“You Can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” We entered the chilly waters of the Pacific just…

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