A Closer Look at the Intimacy of Communication and Why it’s Important

We’ve all heard that relationships depend on good communication. The concept seems simple, yet so many couples have a hard…

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Are You Forgetting This Key Part of Your Journaling Practice?

Therapists have been touting the benefits of journaling for years, whether you do it on your own or in conjunction…

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dead bedroom

Dead Bedrooms Aren’t Just Missing Sex—They’re Missing Communication

Humans are programmed to like sex. The urge to procreate (or at least do the deed) is intertwined with our…

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“Should We Try It?” How a Sex Questionnaire Can Help Set Boundaries and Improve Communication

Any relationship goes through its ups and downs, including in the bedroom. Whether you’ve been together months, years or decades,…

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The COVID-19 Opportunity: Top 5 Things You Can do to Improve Your Home Life

There’s not a lot of optimism when it comes to something like a global pandemic. People are suffering. The economy…

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Social Distancing Doesn’t Have to Mean Social Isolation

Social distancing is in full swing. People are staying in their homes, isolated from the outside world to prevent the…

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