Tapping Into Immortality: What Jellyfish Can Teach Us

Vampires, deification, deals with the devil, aging portraits in the attic, being a jellyfish: if you’re looking for a path…

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A 70-year-old Woman Runs 7 Marathons on 7 Continents in 7 Days!

What do you picture yourself doing in 40 years? Most people slow down with time, but not Chau Smith. The…

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Who Wants to Live Forever? Thinking About Age Like a Disease, Not an Inevitability

The idea of agelessness or living forever is something as old as the human spirit itself. Juan Ponce de Leon…

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C60 Olive Oil: What is it and What do I Need to Know?

If you follow any health and wellness trends, you’ll know olive oil has long been touted as a sort of…

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