Cognitive Clearing

Practice Cognitive Clearing With These 5 Exercises

Feeling a little foggy these days? Whether you’re struggling with the symptoms of stress, long COVID or excessive screentime, more…

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Psychological Acupressure

Psychological Acupressure: Get Familiar With the Emotional Freedom Technique

You might be familiar with acupressure and acupuncture, two methods of alternative healing. Did you know that you can achieve…

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Take a Few Mindful Moments to Meditate for Heart Health

Meditation is a wonder drug: it relieves stress, helps you live in the present moment, can help sort through difficult…

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10 Ways to be More Present, Mindful in Everything You Do

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of mindfulness—in fact, it’s hard to avoid it these days. But what can you…

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How to Recognize and Overcome an “Amygdala Hijacking” by Your Brain

Emotions cause us to do some crazy things—especially in the heat of the moment. We’ve all experienced a situation where…

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Learning How to “Just Be” is Good for the Mind, Body and Soul

Just be chill. Just be cool. Just be calm. These are all phrases we’ll hear throughout our lives, usually at…

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Toxic Positivity: When Everything is Good, Nothing is Good

We all know someone who’s way too positive—they’re always looking on the bright side of life or finding the silver…

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Make it Your New Year’s Resolution to Have a Mindful Minute Every Hour

One minute is an incredibly short amount of time. It’s 1/1440 of your day and flashes by in the span…

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10 Ways Stress Affects the Body (and How to Prevent Long-Term Damage)

Stress is a killer. Literally. We all experience stress to some degree—from being late for an important meeting to worrying…

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Create Stability in Your Life by Building Spiritual Wellness During Crisis Events

The only constant is change, which is of little comfort to most of us these days. While there are good…

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15 Types of Meditation to Bring Mindfulness to Your Everyday Life

With a pandemic raging, unemployment surging and civil unrest making the headlines, more people than ever are feeling unstable and…

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