High Functioning Anxiety

Brain “Always On?” You Could Have High Functioning Anxiety

Anxiety is an extremely common mental health issue, which has spiked considerably in recent years. Many mental health disorders and…

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Psychedelics Could Hold the Key to Alleviating Depression and Anxiety

Feeling depressed or anxious lately? It’s hard to read the news without feeling down: although the pandemic is mostly behind…

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decision paralysis

Has the Pandemic Affected Your Decision-Making Abilities?

When you’re in a bad headspace, even small, low-stakes decisions can seem overwhelming. What’s for breakfast? Do you need to…

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Neuroscience and Anxiety: Why You’re Anxious and What to Do About It

You’ve got a big deadline coming up, you’re about to have a big talk with your significant other and you…

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How to Conquer Loneliness and Feel Better Fast

The last year and a half has disrupted a lot of our social outlets. Between virtual schooling, remote work and…

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For COVID-Positive People, Mental Anguish Can be Ongoing

2020 will be the year forever marked by the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve all been subject to quarantine, mask-wearing and social…

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Empaths are Feeling Overwhelmed During the Pandemic. Take Time to Recharge!

It’s been an overwhelming year for everyone. Most of us have never lived through a pandemic. Watching the world shut…

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Art Therapy

From Coloring Books to Canvas: Art Therapy is Good for the Soul

Human language is a complicated thing. Though most everyone uses it for basic communication on a daily basis, it can…

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Episode # 34 How to Thrive Under Pressure, Overcome Trauma & Get Comfortable Approaching the Opposite Sex with Dr. Craig Marker

Join us as we chat with Dr. Craig Marker about all things mental fortitude! We cover topics such as anxiety,…

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Here’s Why ASMR Continues to Be One of YouTube’s Most Popular Segments

“Brain tingles,” “chills” and “shivers” are all words used to describe the effect of ASMR. The strange yet pleasant sensation…

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Is Lucid Dream Control an Effective Treatment for Isolation, Anxiety and Depression?

We’re well past six months of COVID-19 isolation, which has had a significant impact on America’s mental health. As federal,…

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Soybean Oil is Changing our Brains, Scientists Warn

Chances are, you’ve eaten something with soybean oil in it today. It’s America’s most widely-consumed edible oil, making billions of…

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