There are approximately 40 trillion microorganisms living in your gut.

Collectively known as your gut microbiome, these organisms have been implicated in maintaining optimal health…

…as well as contributing to many chronic conditions, including diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, coronary artery disease, psoriasis, lupus, and autism.

By taking care of your 40 trillion microbe friends, you can maximize your wellness and potentially prevent disease.

Experts now understand that an imbalance of gut flora in your body can lead to health problems. A gut bacteria test kit could be the perfect way to determine whether this could be a problem for you as an individual.

Here’s how Viome works and how it’s different than other testing kits.

While there are a number of gut bacteria testing kits on the market today, not all can show the same breadth of information as Viome. Viome’s gut bacteria test kit is extremely comprehensive and shows you vital information to improve your well-being. It can pinpoint the precise and accurate levels of different types of microbes in your gut. Armed with this vital information, it’s then possible to see which microbes you must increase or reduce. You can achieve this by eating the right foods and by eliminating others that have proved to be harmful.

Utilizing only the latest technology, Viome offers extremely comprehensive results after analyzing your gut at a molecular level.

This means that those who opt for this test kit will have the most personalized information to make food choices from. Unlike other test companies, Viome offers a recommended diet for each individual based on the function of their microbes. When a person uses Viome’s gut test, it can help to improve his or her overall wellness exponentially. If you’re suffering from a host of symptoms, it’s worth getting tested to find out if your gut could be the source.

Diet and health are not one-size-fits-all. You are unique, and so is your gut health.
Viome takes the guesswork out of the equation so you get a personalized map that helps you fix your gut to lose weight, reduce risk of disease, and improve your health all around.

  • Increase microbial species associated with overall wellness.
  • Minimize microbial species associated with poor health.
  • Increase the diversity of your microbiome.
  • Identify prebiotics that can induce the growth of beneficial microbes and metabolites.
  • Recommend a diet to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Optimize your digestion and absorption.
  • Introduce beneficial (but missing) bacteria with probiotics.

It used to cost thousands of dollars to do advanced tests like these, but Viome has cracked the code on how to use machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze your results and has reduced the cost significantly, despite there being nothing more advanced than what Viome offers today.

“Living together, we often eat the same thing. So why is that our response to the same food was vastly different. The answer lies in our Microbiome. Through Viome we were able to understand what foods we should be eating, what foods we should not be eating and how we could optimize our meals ona daily basis for optimal gut health. Naveen and the team at Viome have created some of the most amazing technology to understand what’s going on inside our guts. No longer do we have to take bad advice from people selling bad diets online or guess at what we should be putting in our bodies. With Viome, now we know and that makes the road to optimal health and wellness that much easier.” – Evan and Janna