At one point Jennifer Aniston’s character said, “It’s not common, it doesn’t happen to every guy and it is a big deal.”

The truth is that almost every single man will experience some sort of erectile issue at some point in their life. There are numerous reasons that this can occur and while we can’t prevent all of them, The Phoenix targets many of the physical issues that can cause ED.

It uses sound waves.

Acoustic Wave Therapy uses sound waves to target the treatment area. No pills or needles. Just the clinically proven power of high-frequency, low-intensity sound.

Breaks apart plaque.

With targeted treatments, AWT breaks apart the old, hardened flow constricting build-up that prevents much-needed blood flow.

Stimulates new, healthy blood vessels.

In addition to removing plaque in existing blood vessels, acoustic waves traveling through your tissue stimulate angiogenesis: the body’s natural healing process. New, healthy blood vessels will form in the treatment area to further improve blood flow.

Beats other treatment options.

More than 40 clinical studies have clearly shown the efficacy of Acoustic Wave Therapy for men dealing with mild to severe ED. It fixes the root of the problem, instead of temporarily masking symptoms with expensive pills or painful injections.

Sexual health is such an important aspect of our overall health and wellness. Don’t trust your sexual health to fake pills or unproven treatments. Optimize it with The Phoenix.