We all have life ambitions—but setbacks happen.

Everyone has life ambitions and goals—starting a family, achieving success in a career, achieving a fitness milestone, or just traveling the world. But sometimes, our ambitions get delayed or even derailed by our bodies. Some people might struggle with bloating and inconvenient bathroom behaviors. Others might need to deal with more serious health conditions.

Figuring out the root causes can be tricky.

Some people spend a lifetime and a small fortune trying to figure out how to feel better. Other people float from the latest solution to the next without much success.

This is because everyone’s body, especially their gut health, is unique. The more science studies the gut, the more science realizes the huge impact that gut health has on our overall health, mental, emotional, and physical fitness, and well-being. Certain things we eat and drink, as well as key missing ingredients, can make our gut angry and inflamed, making it hard to live the lives we want to live.

Two biochemists set out to change this.

Dr. Erika Ebbel Angle and Dr. Wayne Matson founded Ixcela to make it easier to figure out what your body needs. Erika received her PhD in biochemistry from Boston University School of Medicine and a BS in chemistry from MIT. She worked with Dr. Wayne Matson, PhD, who is the Chief Scientist of Ixcela and is known as the “father of modern metabolomics.” Erika continues her passion to figure out how to help people understand their gut health as CEO of Ixcela.

They came up with the ultimate health assessment tool.

Together, Erika and Wayne created the ultimate health assessment tool to benchmark your internal fitness and give you specific and surprisingly simple nutrition, supplement, mindfulness, and fitness recommendations to make you feel better near term and be healthier long term. They developed a highly accurate pinprick blood test to measure eleven different metabolite levels in your blood. You receive a kit in the mail, do a quick and easy finger prick to get a few drops of blood, and send it to our proprietary labs. About ten days later, you get an online score in five areas—Gastrointestinal Fitness, Immuno Fitness, Emotional Balance, Cognitive Acuity, and Energetic Efficiency—as well as an overall score and tailored recommendations about what to do next to help you achieve your goals

You’re guided by an expert.

After the test, you will connect with a registered dietitian who will help you craft a simple action plan of what to keep doing, start doing, and stop doing. Each action plan is tailored to your level of readiness and willingness to take action on how you eat, drink, sleep, and exercise, and advises you on which supplements to take.

You have the option to meet with your dietitian via videoconference over 90 days to regularly guide you on simple steps to take, keep you accountable, and help you make course corrections as needed.

Ixcela programs have helped athletes, career-focused individuals, and people who simply want to feel better.

Hard-core athletes found that simple changes like avoiding garlic, onions, and peaches dramatically reduced bloating, improved sleep, and improved athletic performance. Folks with chronic conditions changed their diets based on Ixcela testing and lost 0.4 pounds per day for a total loss of twenty pounds. Others added a simple twenty-minute mindfulness walk per day to reduce brain fog.

Ixcela’s test uses decades of rigorous gut health science to give you a simple set of scores that you can measure and manage your life with. They match you with empathetic experts who help you come up with a set of surprisingly simple changes in how you eat, drink, and live that make a dramatic difference in how you feel day-to-day and your long-term health.