Bio Optimization Retreat

Join Complete Human for the Retreat of a Lifetime. Hosted at the brand new Xcaret Arte, the newest Adults Only Luxury resortl in Riviera Maya, the Complete Human Bio Optimization retreat offers unlimited luxury. Before taking off for a week in the tropical paradise, retreat participants will take their own personal microbiome and genetic test compliments of Viome. Armed with the latest personalized data, our world class team of coaches will guide participants through daily protocols of vibrational plate therapy, hot and cold immersion therapy, PEMF, Red Light Therapy, nutritional IV’s and guided meditation, beach workouts, educational classes and whole host of other Bio Optimization modalities all designed to help each unique person embrace true health and wellness.

But the fun doesn’t even close to ending there. Guests will enjoy private guided tours of Xplor and the other them parks from the Xcaret group. Ziplining, underwater river tours and unlimited adventure await. Looking to mingle with other likeminded health and wellness enthusiast? We’ve got you covered. No Complete Human retreat would be complete without a costume party.

The Complete Human Bio Optimization Retreat is your chance to learn the latest in health and wellness modalities, enjoy amazing food and world class drinks, explore, dance, meet new friends and build a path towards a healthier more robust future.

Upcoming Retreats

Xcaret Arts Riviera Maya – July 11th-16th

Luxury accommodations at Xcaret hotel, organic meals, healthy cocktails, gift bags, giveaways, theme night, daily workouts, catamaran party, park excursions

Coaches For Upcoming Retreat


Jessie Graff

StuntWoman, #NinjaWarrior, Gymnast, Pole Vaulter, CircusGirl, #Fitness Nut, #SuperHero in #training



Callie Bundy

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Evan DeMarco

Evan DeMarco is a leading sports medicine and nutrition expert, published author, public speaker and frequent guest on television, radio, and digital platforms.



Jana Breslin

Janna is now a well-known fitness model, certified personal trainer, health coach, and nutrition expert.



Do you crave more out of life? Is unlocking your potential and optimizing your health a burning desire? Do you feel stuck in the same old routine? Are you ready to awaken a new mindset and change the trajectory of your life? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then The Complete Human Bio Optimization Retreat might just be for you.

The simple truth is that there is no one size fits all for health and wellness. What works for one person might be catastrophic for the next. How does one sift through all the noise out there and understand what works and what does not? In a word; Data. Bio Optimization is process of using data to make small corrections that yield big changes in person’s health and wellness journey. It is only in understanding how all of the unique systems of our body are working that we can ever hope to optimize it. Each participant at a Complete Human Retreat will receive a Microbiome Test from Viome, blood work and a Whoop. With that data, our team will work with each person on an individual basis to help chart a course towards Complete Health.

Retreats are held 5-6 times a year. We highly encourage each participant to make a retreat part of their annual health tune up. By constantly reevaluating the data, making small course corrections and optimizing your health, you can be assured that you are always on the right path.

Complete Human Bio Optimization Retreats are for anyone wanting to improve their mental, physical, and spiritual health, regardless of current fitness level or health status. All are welcome and the daily workouts and adventures call be modified to ensure complete safety.

Complete Human takes the guess work out of Bio Optimization. All your accommodations, hotel transportation, food, drinks, excursions, and tests are included in the rate. The only thing that is not included are flights and stem cell procedures at GioStar Stem Cell Clinics.

The most convenient airport for the retreat is Cancun International Airport.

The goal of the Complete Human Retreat is to help person create lasting change in their life. To that end, our retreats are structured to get people use to pattern development. Mornings are spent going through the Complete Human Protocol which includes hot and cold immersion therapy (yes, you will be getting in an ice bath), red light therapy, meditation and PEMF. Beyond that, we will have unique beach workouts programmed by our amazing group of coaches, fun excursions, breakout education sessions, team building exercises, amazing food, a costume party and so much more. If we have done our job properly, we fully expect that you will not want to leave and can’t wait to come back.

Stem Cell therapy, both IV and localized, is provided by GioStar Stem Cell clinics in Playa Del Carmen. Total body therapy is $4,000 US and is in addition to your retreat expense. As stem cell therapy is a two day process (roughly 3 hours per day), we highly recommend that retreat participants schedule their therapy at the end of the retreat.

Covid protocols change almost daily in both the US and Riviera Maya and we will be updating participants as the event gets closer. As of writing this, Riviera Maya is at 60% max occupancy. All hotel guests are tested upon arrival and will be given a follow up rapid PCR test before retuning to the US to comply with US Customs and Border Control.

While vaccinations are not required, we highly recommend that everyone have one. One of the primary rules at all Complete Human Retreats is safety and we can’t think of an easier way to guarantee the safety of the guests and the whole retreat than being vaccinated. That being said, all are welcome, and we will do our best to ensure the safest and most enjoyable experience for all in attendance.

Cancellation Policy
To say that we live in strange times would be an understatement. As such, there are a number of reasons that a trip might need to be cancelled. If Complete Human needs to cancel the trip due to war, local government regulations, epidemics, quarantines, natural disasters, strikes, local civil disorders and reduction or similar causes beyond the control of the parties, 100% of the total trip will be refunded or credited to a future retreat. If for any reason you need to cancel your reservation for the Complete Human Bio Optimization Retreat, Complete Human will retain 100% of the total paid. We highly recommend that you secure travel insurance with an additional rider for a cancel for any reason provision.