Janna Breslin


Empaths are Feeling Overwhelmed During the Pandemic. Take Time to Recharge!

It’s been an overwhelming year for everyone. Most of us have never lived through a pandemic. Watching the world shut…

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Episode #39 Our Oceans are on Life Support, Do We Have What It Takes to Save Them, with Dr. Enric Sala

From academia to activism, 30 year researcher Dr. Enric Sala speaks globally about ocean conservation and how the seemingly simple…

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Art Therapy

From Coloring Books to Canvas: Art Therapy is Good for the Soul

Human language is a complicated thing. Though most everyone uses it for basic communication on a daily basis, it can…

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Episode #38 Up Close and Personal, A Morning with Janna & Evan

A morning with Janna & Evan! We dive deep on how we start our day for success in life using…

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Body Scan Meditation

What Is a Body Scan Meditation and Why Make It Part of Your Everyday Routine?

One of the benefits of living in modern times is the increased understanding we have as a culture regarding self-care….

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Episode #37 Former Gladiator Explains the Power of “YES”, & Why She Vibrates Everyday with Caroline Pearce

 KABADDI! KABADDI! KABADDI! Evan and Janna sit down with former International heptathlete and bobsledder for Great Britain and successful…

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Positive self talk

Positive Self-Talk is Something You Can Practice Every Day

Every person on the planet lives with it: that little voice in their head. Sometimes it sounds like you, sometimes…

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Episode #36 Bio Optimization: How to Test & Improve Physical Health for Longevity

The roots of Bio Optmization begin with diagnostic testing. How do you create a path towards ultimate health and wellness…

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Here’s Why a 4-Day Workweek Could be the Key to Saving Our Environment

Most of us grew up in a world where the workweek was five days with two-day weekends in-between. However, new…

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Are You Practicing Good Screen Hygiene? Get the Scoop on Blue Light Glasses.

Before the widespread adoption of smart devices, people spent their free time going outside, reading, socializing, exercising and other activities…

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Episode # 34 How to Thrive Under Pressure, Overcome Trauma & Get Comfortable Approaching the Opposite Sex with Dr. Craig Marker

Join us as we chat with Dr. Craig Marker about all things mental fortitude! We cover topics such as anxiety,…

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We Could All Use a Little More Oxytocin. Here’s How to Get it.

Oxytocin goes by many names: the love hormone, trust hormone, cuddle hormone and alpha-hypophamine. As you might’ve surmised, oxytocin is…

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