Janna Breslin

mental health

Here’s Why Living with and Tending to Plants is Good for Mental Health

Scroll through any Instagram feed and you’re bound to come across plants—whether as a tasteful background or the focus of…

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Episode #52 The Work, Self-Inquiry, & Ego with Byron Katie

Byron Katie is a well known author, speaker and the founder of The Work. The Work is used to help…

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How Do You Forgive Someone Who Shows No Remorse?

Everyone on the planet has hurt someone else and been hurt by another. Those wounds can cut deep, but when…

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dead bedroom

Dead Bedrooms Aren’t Just Missing Sex—They’re Missing Communication

Humans are programmed to like sex. The urge to procreate (or at least do the deed) is intertwined with our…

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Episode #50 How to Solve Any Problem with Dr. Tim Yen

  Analysis Paralysis, Decision fatigue, poor decision making paradigm. Whatever you call it,  we have all faced a challenge with…

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Why Do People Get “Book Hangovers” After the Story Ends?

If you’re a bibliophile, you’re probably familiar with the concept of “book hangovers”—that feeling you get when you finish a…

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The Story of 28,000 Rubber Ducks and What They Tell us About Ocean Currents

Imagine walking along a beach in Chile or England or Alaska and coming upon a simple rubber duck washed up…

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Episode #49 HRV, Sleep, Sex & Performance Technology with Kristen Holmes

Wearable devices are now commonplace, allowing users to send a receive calls and texts, get reminders, track workouts and daily…

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Learning How to “Just Be” is Good for the Mind, Body and Soul

Just be chill. Just be cool. Just be calm. These are all phrases we’ll hear throughout our lives, usually at…

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8 Signs of Illness You Might be Ignoring From Your Body

It’s amazing how in-tune with our bodies we can be. It’s also amazing how out-of-touch with them so many of…

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Toxic Positivity: When Everything is Good, Nothing is Good

We all know someone who’s way too positive—they’re always looking on the bright side of life or finding the silver…

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Climate Change Could be Responsible for New Epidemics

Imagine how unlucky a person has to be to live through the Spanish Flu Pandemic of the 1920s, the Avian…

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